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bioluminescent creatures that light up the ocean

bioluminescence describes a living organism that produces and emits light. about 90% of deep sea life has this capability. tiny organs called “photophores” produce the light that these creatures generate.

1- clusterwink snail
• its spiral shells could glow like dim blue-green light bulbs.
• it produces light when tapped or found by other creatures that are likely to attack.
• its activity is described as “Hinea Brasiliana”.
• although its glow attracts predators, it exposes them to their predators as well.

2- abraliopsis squid
• it has small light organs on the underside of its body for camouflage.
• it uses this illumination to blend in with the sky, hiding its silhouette from predators watching from below.

3- tomopteris
• this sea worm is one of the few creatures that make yellow light.
• if disturbed, it can let loose glowing sparks from foot-like appendages called “parapodia”.
• it is thought that this mode is to distract predators.

4. deiopea comb jelly
• comb jellies aren’t true jellyfish, but an entirely different phylum. and unlike jellyfish, they swim mouth-forward, gulping down their victims.
• Comb-jelly’s blue or blue-green luminescence isn't fully understood. it's thought to be defensive light, in brilliant cascading waves, and can even eject sparkling smoke screens when under a threat.